New Vehicle Brokerage

Considering purchasing a new car? The Urban Garage™ has helped numerous clients obtain the new vehicle of their dreams, while saving on average $1,500 to $2,000 per car over competing large dealerships. Here is why we believe we can offer you more value in a new car purchase:

4 Reasons to Buy Your Next New Vehicle From The Urban Garage™

NewCar_PorscheTurboS1. Very simply, save money

  • We buy new vehicles at fleet prices. Typically we add $500 to our cost on a new car.
  • With lower overhead expenses, we can sell for less than big dealerships. We guarantee you the best price – try us.

2. Unbiased car buying advice

  • There are many excellent vehicles in the marketplace. Let us help you find the one that is the best for you.

3. Enjoy a hassle free buying process

  • No high-pressure sales.
  • No silly negotiation tactics.
  • No switches or compromises. Just…
  • A pleasant and professional atmosphere.
  • The best price quote, the first time. No negotiation.
  • The vehicle meeting your exact specifications delivered when and where you want it.
  • Lease or other financing available if necessary.
  • Full warranty coverage still applies.


4. Competitive and Smart Leasing Structures

  • Leasing may offer some people important financial advantages over outright purchases. Ask us if this may be advisable for you.
  • We offer some of the most competitive lease rates on the market, and if a manufacturer’s rate is better, we will tell you.
  • No mileage restrictions and prepayments give you flexibility and options.
  • Full disclosure lease practices and knowledgeable discussion of the pros and cons means the right structure for you.

Click here for more information about leasing from The Urban Garage™.

If you would like a competitive quote on a new vehicle purchase, please contact us by the following means:

Phone: 604-913-1999

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