Leasing can be a useful way to finance a vehicle acquisition, especially for more expensive vehicles. It can offer many advantages over purchasing outright. Why might you consider leasing your next vehicle?

  • Leasing may provide tax deferral or in some cases partial tax relief on the acquisition price of the vehicle. Sales taxes in BC are substantial (up to 15% of the purchase price).
  • You are the sort of owner who changes vehicles more frequently.
  • You desire to acquire a vehicle with minimal cash outlay.
  • There may be income tax benefits derived from leasing for business use.
  • In most cases, leasing provides more affordable monthly payments than regular bank financing.
  • You pay tax only on the portion of value of the vehicle that you “consume”)

The Urban Garage is pleased to offer very competitive lease options that cater to the needs of its clients. We lease both new AND most pre-owned vehicles. We can make low manufacturer lease rates available to you – and we will tell you when it’s in your best interest to consider manufacturer leases.

Keep in mind that if you decide that leasing is not appropriate for your needs, we can still provide conventional loan financing. In either case, simply fill out the credit application as indicated below, and you are on your way.

If you are ready to get started with leasing or financing, please complete a confidential credit application.

Interested but have more questions?  View our FAQ’s about leasing or contact us for more details.